Mississauga-Based Arabic-Language Newspaper Meshwar Publishes Antisemitic Cartoon Claiming Jews Control The Media

Meshwar Media, an Arabic-language publication based in Mississauga, Ontario, recently published an overtly anti-Jewish cartoon. In is April 27 edition, under the headline “Zionist organizations finance loyalists who support Israel and fight those in solidarity with Palestine and those calling for an end to the Israeli aggression,” the newspaper created a portmanteau of Stars of […]

HRC Accepts La Presse Apology For Its Publishing An Antisemitic Blood Libel Cartoon Depicting Blood-Sucking Benjamin Netanyahu As A Vampire

Cliquez ici pour la version française Only hours after HonestReporting Canada shared an alert that La Presse, a large and respected French-language Montreal newspaper, had published an antisemitic blood libel editorial cartoon depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Nosferatu, a 1922 antisemitic stereotype, the President of the newspaper, Pierre-Elliott Levasseur, called HonestReporting Canada Executive Director Mike […]

Upcoming Muslim Association Of Canada Conference Features More Speakers With History Of Anti-Israel And Antisemitic Comments

On August 24, HonestReporting Canada published an important alert informing the news media and the general public, about statements seen as antisemitic by one featured speaker, Sheikh Nashaat Ahmed, at the upcoming Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) annual conference, scheduled for early September in downtown Toronto. Subsequent to our alert and complaint sent to MAC, Sheikh Ahmed is no […]

Former Windsor Municipal Candidate Utters Antisemitic Tropes On Social Media

Helmi Charif, a former Windsor municipal candidate who lost Ward 3 during the most recent provincial election in October 2022, has been previously exposed by HonestReporting Canada for his hateful and venomous statements on his personal Facebook page, including a bizarre theory in Arabic that “Zionists” are somehow “orchestrating events taking place in Ukraine” and […]