CityNews Toronto Reporter Ignores Pervasive Violence At Anti-Israel Rallies

In her April 1 broadcast for CityNews Toronto entitled: “Pro-Palestinian protesters call for investigation into alleged police brutality,” reporter Faiza Amin reported on calls for an independent investigation into police conduct at a March 31 anti-Israel demonstration in downtown Toronto, telling viewers that protest organizers allege that police showed up in unprecedented numbers and released […]

Toronto Star Article Acts As Publicist For Anti-Israel Film Festival

Richie Assaly’s April 4 article in The Toronto Star entitled: “‘A feeling of catharsis and hope’: Sarah Polley on why she’s paying tribute to Palestinian artists and writers killed in Gaza,” reported that Oscar-winning filmmaker Sarah Polley will be participating in an event being hosted by the Toronto Palestine Film Festival. But rather than reporting […]

Meet Nasim Asgari, Grant-Winning Poet & Anti-Israel Propagandist

In her official biography, Tehran-born, Toronto-based poet Nasim Asgari calls herself “a dreamer, thinker, seeker and student of the truth.” Clearly not lacking in excessive self-confidence, her biography claims that she “has cultivated a voice and words to relay the truth and bring attention to what is often undermined and dismissed.” Asgari’s self-promotion has won […]

Extreme Anti-Israel Publication Has Received Nearly $400,000 In Federal Government Funding In Last Five Years describes itself as “the go-to site for progressive journalism and dialogue” that is “an essential part of a balanced media diet.” In reality, it is an extreme-left, fanatically anti-Israel publication that compares Israel to Nazi Germany, downplays Hamas terrorism, ignores Israeli women’s testimonies of rape and downplays antisemitism. The website, based out of an […]

Meet Mona Ayesh, Anti-Israel Activist Arrested By Toronto Police Who Repeatedly Praised Hamas’ October 7 Massacre

Some media commentators have decried the actions taken against such demonstrators as assaults on free expression, and portraying them as innocent victims, and even as casualties of “authoritarianism,” frequently ignoring, or otherwise seriously downplaying, the violence and hate inherent in many anti-Israel rallies. Yet those commentators curiously ignore activists like Mona Ayesh. In early February, […]

Column in Kingston Whig Standard Misrepresents Zionism & Downplays Jewish Connections To Israel

Alia Hogben is a respected feminist activist who has been widely recognized for her efforts, and is also a regular columnist The Kingston Whig Standard. Regrettably, her January 29 opinion column, “On Judaism, Zionism,” fundamentally misrepresents the basics of Zionism, and instead uses that false depiction to create a highly negative image of Israel. Hogben begins her […]