Israel’s Diverse Coalition – And Why It Matters – Podcast Episode 13

The defamatory lie that Israel is an apartheid state is hardly new, but with each passing day, it becomes more ludicrous. With Israel’s new government, this claim becomes outright comical. Israel’s new governing coalition, slated to be sworn in on June 13, will include, for the first time ever, an Arab Islamist party, Ra’am, as […]

Deicide Libel Surfaces Against Jews in the Chronicle Herald, CJN Covers HRC’s Efforts

The Canadian Jewish News picked up on Honest Reporting Canada’s exposing the deicide libel against Jews that surfaced in The Chronicle Herald out of Nova Scotia recently. Here’s Bruce Ticker’s analysis: Someone finally did it – publicly blaming the Jewish People for the crucifixion of Jesus and, even more disgracefully, applying this libel to explain […]

Demonize Israel to Help Syria?

How to circumvent the UN and help Syria? Today, two humorous letter-writers from the National Post suggest demonizing Israel to help Syrians, and in so doing, expose anti-Israel bias.