HRC / AVI Campus Media Fellow Published In The Algemeiner: Weak National Canadian Identity Is Leading To Democratic Values Backsliding

HRC/AVI Campus Media Fellow Zara Nybo, was published in The Algemeiner about how across Canada, university students are assuming pro-Hamas identities — many after reading ill-informed or false information from social media. In the name of social justice, they are aligning with a cause that approves the intentional targeting of Jewish civilians, calls for the eradication […]

Gaza Children's Exhibit a Fake?

At HRC, we have written about the hypocrisy of the exhibit "A Child’s View From Gaza" touring the country which features drawings allegedly by Palestinian children depicting their experiences during the three week war in Gaza in 2009. As we noted in a letter to the Calgary Herald in May, while "Tears of Gaza" highlights the trauma of […]