Toronto Star’s Sponsored Advert Says “Palestinian Families & Children Are Being Killed. Why Is It So Quiet?”

HonestReporting Canada was appalled to see the Toronto Star create a sponsored post (advertisement) on Facebook with the inflammatory headline: “Palestinian families and children are being killed. Why is it so quiet?” The Star used a commentary by Shenaz Kermalli that we critiqued this week which compared Israeli airstrikes on Palestinian terrorists and their infrastructure […]

Globe Reporter Disguises Opinion as News

Writing in the Globe and Mail on May 27, former Mideast bureau chief Mark Mackinnon inserted his personal opinion into what should have been a straight forward report on the so-called “cycle” of terrorism. We took issue with these 2 statements that Mr. Mackinnon wrote:  “Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden, a Saudi citizen, frequently cited […]

In Toronto Star, Qatar Claims it "Does Not Support Terrorism"

Writing in the Toronto Star on April 19, Fahad Mohamed Kafood, ambassador of the State of Qatar to Canada, claims that “Qatar does not support terrorism in any form”. See his letter to the editor immediately below: And yet, a 2017 report issued by the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) entitled “Qatar and […]