UPDATE: CBC Corrects Its Spreading Falsehood That “Palestinians Threw Rocks In Response” To Israeli Police Actions

UPDATE: April 26, 2022: Subsequent to HonestReporting Canada’s complaint to CBC News sent on April 21, our public broadcaster has corrected its previously false reporting that “Palestinians threw rocks in response” to Israeli Police action, by reversing the chronology of events. As well, per HRC’s request, CBC also covered recent Palestinian rocket attacks against Israeli […]

CBC Reporter Produces Biased Coverage of Al-Aqsa Mosque Riots

In covering the recent Palestinian-Arab riots at the Al Aqsa Mosque on April 15, CBC News journalist Saša Petricic produced two reports from Washington, one for CBC The National and another for CBC Radio, each of which featured this reporter’s opinion disguised as news and which contained misleading accounts of casualty figures in recent weeks. […]

Canadian Muslim Group Blames Israel For Violent Palestinian Rioting

For the first time in more than three decades, the holidays of Passover, Easter and Ramadan coincided, with billions of faithful around the world celebrating these holy days to Jews, Christians and Muslims. For the vast majority of adherents across the globe, these festivities passed peacefully, but not everywhere. A few days before Easter and […]

Globe Reporter Eric Reguly’s Tendentious Anti-Israel Reporting Continues

He just can’t resist. Once again, another Eric Reguly article in the Globe and Mail was replete with anti-Israel misinformation. Reguly’s front-page report on June 28 entitled: “Fervent new Palestinian youth rebellion is aimed at both Israel and leadership in the West Bank, Gaza,” saw Reguly frame Israeli settlements as a colonial enterprise and illegal […]

Jews Never Lost Desire To Return to Their Ancestral Homeland Asserts HRC In PEI Guardian

In an op-ed published in the Saltwire newspaper the PEI Guardian today, HRC Marketing and Community Relations Associate, Robert Walker, argued that Jews have never lost their desire to return to their ancestral homeland. Walker also pointed out that: “Peace will only come when the Palestinian leadership accepts Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish […]

Listen: CBC Reporter Margaret Evans Misleads On Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

On the flagship CBC Radio program The World at Six on June 15, former Mideast bureau chief Margaret Evans filed a lengthy report that was unfair and inaccurate in her coverage of the flag march in Jerusalem by Israeli nationalists and of recent conflicts and disputes between Israelis and Palestinian-Arabs. Listen to the report below: […]