HRC in Huffington Post: "Harper's Visit to Israel: When Journalistic Objectivity Need Not Apply"

Is La Presse columnist Agnes Gruda, like some in the mainstream media, guilty of the bias they project onto Prime Minister Harper? HRC thinks so. Read our commentary appended below or at Huffington Post Canada. Why did Harper’s speech in the Israeli Knesset cause a Montreal journalist to contemptuously indict Stephen Harper with a “binary” and “black and white” vision? After […]

Top 10 Quebec Media Fails of Israel-Hamas War

Top 10 Quebec Media Fails of Israel-Hamas War See French version below English A Quebec columnist recently observed that Israel cannot win the battle of images. But with more than 1,600 rockets having bombarded Israel this past year, there are many compelling images to capture in Israel: Images of rockets exploding on kindergartens; of the […]