CBC National Fails To Label Palestinian Attack Terrorism, But Calls ISIS Terrorists

On April 7th, CBC The National aired a segment by co-host Adrienne Arsenault who reported on the latest terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, which saw 3 Israelis murdered, and several more wounded. In the report, Arsenault (former CBC Middle East Bureau Chief) failed to call the Palestinian terrorist-attacker a terrorist. In what smacks as a […]

CBC Adopts Canard that Israel Denies Vaccine to Palestinians

It seems that there’s nothing Israel can do, or not do, to spare it from unfair critique in the news media. When it comes to the race to vaccinate against COVID-19, Israel is leading the pack and doing so by a wide margin. Israel has vaccinated more people as a percentage of its overall population, […]

Worth Reading: Canadian Jewish News Article “How Canadian Journalists Cover Israel”

Check out the following article published in the Canadian Jews News this week on “How Canadian journalists cover Israel” with comments made by reporters from the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and the CBC, all who discuss media criticism and the challenge of getting the story right. Of interest, Patrick Martin, former Mideast bureau […]