Success! Toronto Star Removes Inflammatory Anti-Israel Allegation After HRC Complaint

November 28, 2011

On November 6, the Toronto Star published the following letter to the editor to its website replete with inflammatory and unfounded anti-Israel allegations ironically under the headline "Historical context missing":

We’re all for a fair exchange of ideas to be debated on with respect to the Middle East, along with being staunch defenders of free speech, however, this letter writer’s claim that Israel commits “ongoing acts of terror” and that Rabbi Mamur’s children “now serve” this “very military” went well beyond the pale and in our opinion, should not have been published by the Toronto Star. Essentially, this letter writer is claiming that one of the Star’s distinguished columnists, Rabbi Dow Marmur, has grandchildren who commit terror by serving in the Israel Defense Forces. Obviously there is no merit to this claim that contends that Israel routinely and intentionally  kills innocent civilians for political purposes or in one word simply, commits “terror”. Had this letter writer used constructive opinion to contribute positively to the marketplace of ideas, we wouldn’t have had a problem, however, a line must be drawn. It is for this reason that we asked the Star to unpublish this statement as we felt that it wasn’t appropriate for the Toronto Star to give a platform to this kind of inflammatory rhetoric.

We are happy to report that our intervention prompted the Star to unpublish these malicious claims. Here is how this letter now appears on the Star’s website:


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