Success! HRC Prompts Gzero Media To Correct False Claim That Israel Has Killed “30,000 (Palestinian) Civilians”

March 18, 2024

On March 15, Gzero Media, which describes its efforts as being dedicated to providing the public with intelligent and engaging coverage of global affairs, published a commentary by Canadian journalist Stephen Maher  entitled: “Biden and Trudeau face headwinds … from Gaza”, in which Mr. Maher erroneously claimed that “30,000 (Palestinian) civilians have been killed since October.”

Untold in this commentary is the fact that these are mere claims made by the Hamas-run “Gaza Health Ministry” which doesn’t distinguish civilian and combatant deaths.

Also left unmentioned is the fact that Israel has said it has killed over 13,300 terrorists so far, in its defensive war against Hamas and that scores of Palestinians have been killed by over 1,000 errant rockets that landed prematurely in Gaza.

After HonestReporting Canada brought this error to the attention of Gzero Media and journalist Stephen Maher, we are pleased to note that this commentary has been corrected and it now reads as follows:

“The horrible death toll in Gaza, where thousands of civilians have been killed since October, has led to despair and anger among progressives, not just among people with roots in the Middle East, but among young people and people of color.”

We thank Gzero Media and Stephen Maher for their prompt corrective action.


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