Success! Hamilton Spectator Corrects Column Which Falsely Claimed 34,000 Dead Palestinians Made Up Of “Predominantly Women And Children”

May 29, 2024

On May 16, The Hamilton Spectator published a commentary by Henry Giroux entitled: “Campus protests and the burden of conscience”, which gave a sympathetic portrayal of the anti-Israel student encampment protesters stating that they are “vilified for their legitimate acts of moral witnessing and civic engagement, while those in power increasingly detach themselves from the principles of institutional justice.”

Within the column, Giroux falsely stated that: “The spectre of authoritarianism against which students are protesting manifests in various forms: from the mistreatment of immigrants to the tragic loss of over 34,000 Palestinians in Gaza – predominantly women and children…”

Contrary to what was stated by rhetoric author, the National Post and others have reported that: “While more than 9,500 women and 14,500 children were reported among the fatalities by the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) on May 6, two days later that number was revised significantly downward. Today, under 5,000 women and 8,000 children are now officially listed by the UN as casualties.”

Putting aside the fake propaganda casualty number of 34,000 dead Palestinians, which comes from the Gaza Ministry of Health (AKA Hamas), the IDF has claimed that they have killed at least 14,500 terrorists. As Hamas does not make a distinction between combatants and civilians, in a likely scenario, most combatants would typically be men, not women and children (unless they were child soldiers). 

With this latest revision by the UN, it would bring the ratio of combatants to civilians killed in the conflict to nearly 1:1, meaning the Palestinian death toll is NOT “predominantly women and children” as Giroux falsely stated.

HRC lodged a complaint with The Hamilton Spectator, stating that for Mr. Giroux to assert that it’s an undisputed fact that 34,000 dead Palestinians are made up of “predominantly women and children,” is without foundation.

We are pleased to report that The Hamilton Spectator upheld concerns, and the online version of this commentary has been updated to remove “predominantly women and children” killed, and now states: “the tragic loss of more than 34,000 Palestinians in Gaza (including about 5,000 women and 8,000 children); …”

Furthermore, an editor’s note has also been published to inform readers of the change. It states: “This story has been updated to recognize new numbers of civilian deaths in Gaza from the United Nations.”

We thank The Hamilton Spectator for taking corrective action and for its cooperation. 


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