Success! Firas al-Najim Removed From TikTok (Again) Following HRC Alerts

October 4, 2023

Firas al-Najim, one of Canada’s most prominent peddlers of anti-Israel and antisemitic propaganda, both on social media and in-person, has had his channel removed from TikTok following a series of alerts and complaints lodged by HonestReporting Canada.

Al-Najim is no stranger to controversy; he has been the subject of multiple HonestReporting Canada alerts bringing attention to his activities, as well as that of his colleagues at Canadian Defenders For Human Rights (CD4HR). Al-Najim has harassed and accosted members of Canada’s Jewish community, picketing community events and screaming at attendees, and has used his social media to disseminate vile disinformation and antisemitic hate.

Al-Najim’s first TikTokaccount, @firasalnajim, was previously removed from TikTok in 2022 following multiple alerts by HonestReporting Canada, but soon re-emerged, having created a new account named: @mahdistreammedia, to spread his vile hatred and disinformation.

Across social media recently and on his new TikTok account, al-Najim used his platform to repeatedly label Jews as Christ-killers, accuse Canada’s Jewish community of manufacturing incidents of antisemitism, ominously called Israel a “cancerous entity,” and filmed himself stomping on an Israeli flag and chanting “Zionism is terrorism. Zionism is racism.” In another recent video, uploaded in September, al-Najim called the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) “the inheritors of the killers of the prophets,” an antisemitic trope he has frequently used and defended Hezbollah and Hamas, calling them “righteous resistance groups.”

Following an HonestReporting Canada alert published in early January, 2023, sent to our 55,000 subscribers across Canada, many of whom reported al-Najim’s content as hateful, his Twitter account, @Islamic_HR was removed less than 10 days later.

For al-Najim, social media was just a reflection of his real-life activities.

One of the first incidents where he came to light was in 2019, when he showed up in a U-Haul cube van and harassed attendees at Toronto’s Walk With Israel event.

Before long, he was regularly seen hounding members of Toronto’s Jewish community at various events and programs.

In September 2022, al-Najim – dressed crudely as an Orthodox Jew – entered an event hosted by UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, where he verbally accosted a Holocaust survivor. “If you’re a Holocaust survivor, why do you support oppression? Why do you support people who are killing,” al-Najim yelled at the woman.

Once inside, al-Najim veered from anti-Israel propaganda into unabashed antisemitism, screaming at attendees, “You think you’re God’s chosen people, you think you’re above the law.”

On Canada Day 2022, al-Najim and a group of supporters descended on an Israeli grocery store in Thornhill, a heavily Jewish suburb of Toronto, harassing shoppers with bullhorns and Palestinian flags, revisiting a location where he had previously called for a boycott in 2019.

According to Thornhill Member of Parliament (MP) and Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Melissa Lantsman, al-Najim’s group yelled “Free Palestine” and shouted antisemitic epithets at Jewish shoppers.

Some of al-Najim’s antics constitute more than harassment.

In October, 2022, a rally took place outside Toronto, organized by Iranian expatriates in Canada, where they expressed their opposition to the Islamic Republic of Iran and its theocratic rulers. According to York Region Police, al-Najim – a vocal supporter of the Islamic Republic on social media – drove his vehicle “at a high rate of speed in the direction of a crowd of people,” according to the police. Subsequently, he “stopped the vehicle abruptly, squealing the tires while yelling at the protesters.”

Police officers tried to stop al-Najim, but he drove away. He was arrested shortly afterwards, and in his car, police officers found bear spray, a baton and an airsoft gun.

Other stakeholders in al-Najim’s Canadian Defenders For Human Rights group include Aliya Hasan, Mohammad Assadi, and Naved Awan. All three individuals have been the subject of HonestReporting Canada alerts, unmasking their anti-Israel propaganda.

They have referred to Palestinian terrorists as heroes, praising Islamist terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah, and promoting Palestinian terrorism against innocent Israeli civilians, claiming that “all armed resistance is legal.”

While the antics of al-Najim and others in his CD4HR organization may seem amateurish at first blush, their actions nevertheless serve to harass, intimidate and otherwise attempt to cower anyone supportive of Israel, and indeed anyone Jewish, or attending a Jewish event.

For al-Najim, his social media platforms have been a key instrument in his dissemination of hate and propaganda. While al-Najim very well may restart a new account under a different name on social media, this newest removal of his account on TikTok is a welcome move that shows that unabashed hatred cannot be tolerated on social media.

While the deluge of anti-Israel and antisemitic content on social media may seem insurmountable, al-Najim’s deplatforming shows that successes can take place, one hate-monger at a time.


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