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SUCCESS! Egyptian-Canadian Newspaper Removes Anti-Semitic Cartoons

by Mike Fegelman

Egyptian-Canadian newspaper Ahram-Canada has removed the anti-Semitic cartoons that were published on their website.

HRC previously drew attention to these cartoons, specifically a March 24 caricature, which depicted Jewish control of the U.S. government and the conspiracy that the Muslim Brotherhood was created by a Jewish and American cabal.

Another cartoon published by Al-Ahram on August 1, 2013, shows Yusuf al-Qaradawi (an important Muslim Brotherhood influence) being funded by Israel to issue destructive fatwas (Islamic edict) against Syria, Libya,  Iraq, Egypt, Yemen and Tunisia.

After the intervention of an HRC subscriber, Al-Ahram Canada apologized for these cartoons in private correspondence. According to the editor of Ahram-Canada, these cartoons were inserted by a journalist residing in Egypt. Al Ahram states: ” Our newspaper is against any discrimination or any racial feeling … Please once more accept our apology as we never mean to be offensive to any one”.



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