Success! CTV Corrects Article Which Falsely Claimed Hamas Attacked Israeli “Settlements” And Not Sovereign Israeli Land On October 7

May 29, 2024

On May 23, CTV News Montreal published an article entitled: “Quebec judge’s ruling prevents McGill student union from adopting pro-Palestinian policy”, which reported on a Quebec judge granting a temporary injunction that prevented the McGill University student union from adopting anti-Israel policies.

The report erroneously stated: “The policy (by the McGill student union) was proposed weeks after the Hamas-led attack of Oct. 7 on Israeli settlements.”

Contrary to this report, Hamas did not attack “Israeli settlements,” a false statement which completely disregards Israeli sovereignty, and implies that the Jewish State only has tenuous control over these communities that the terrorists targeted.

In truth, Hamas attacked sovereign Israeli territory and in so doing, committed a flagrant act of war on October 7.

HRC lodged a complaint directly with CTV News, and we are pleased to report the article has been corrected and now refers to: “the Hamas-led attack of Oct. 7 on southern Israel.”

We thank CTV News Montreal for their corrective action and cooperation.  


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