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Success! CBC Amends Headline: Israeli Strikes Came in Response to Palestinian Rocketfire

by Mike Fegelman

Yesterday, HRC submitted a complaint to the CBC regarding the following news headline it published on June 24 which unfairly portrayed Israel as attacking Gaza with air strikes without provocation:

HRC requested that the CBC.ca news article be amended to account for the fact that the Israeli attacks against military targets in Gaza came in response to six Palestinian terrorist rockets that were fired at Israel. After all, CTV News, the Globe and Mail, and the National Post all featured headlines which acknowledged that Israel’s air strikes came only after rockets were fired at the Jewish state from Gaza.

For casual readers who read headlines only and don’t read the introductory and main paragraphs, they may have concluded that Israel attacked the Palestinian territory of Gaza without cause. Some might have thought Israel attacked civilian targets as the CBC headline didn’t specify the military-nature of the targets that Israel struck. Of course, CBC could have headlined the article: “Palestinian Rockets fired into Israel from Hamas ruled Gaza Strip, Israel Responds” but as we’ve seen before, Israel was wrongly portrayed as the aggressor and violator of ceasefire agreements.

Following our communication with the CBC, online editors amended the headline to add at the end “in response to rockets” to make it clear that the Israeli attacks were done in self defense and were carried out in response to Palestinian aggression. The sub-headline was also amended and it now acknowledges that: “weapons storage facilities, (and) rocket launch site (were) targeted”.

We thank the CBC for making clear that Israel’s strikes were in response to unprovoked Palestinian rocket attacks.



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Anonymous June 26, 2013 - 10:35 am

You can always count on the CBC to get it wrong in the first instance,though.

Anonymous July 3, 2013 - 1:10 am

It’s too late by the time the correction is printed and CBC closes comments thereafter. They are purposely misrepresenting the news to lull Canadians into a sleep that somehow benefits them. I haven’t figured out what the benefit is yet. Probably to continue to exist, to convince people that the CBC is necessary, which it definitely isn’t and hasn’t been for many years. There is no reason for the existence of a state-run media. Recently, the CBC’s competitor, CTV, ran a story that began with these absurd words: “The railroad, the trails and the Post Office: the three things that keep this disparate country together.” News breaking from a couple of centuries ago. See? The stupidity can continue without government funding!

sebastien July 11, 2013 - 4:59 am

How can you say honnest reporting? the owners, managers of this site are jewish… Come on, you are TOTALY bias, this is propaganda in disguise and you know it. You are using ”honnest” to promote the jewish cause. We all know that jewish movements throw money around at US and now Canadian politicians and goverments of all levels to promote jewish causes. This website has no journalistic merite. Taking people for idiots does not work anymore in this day and age…


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