Success! Broadview Magazine Corrects False Claim That Israeli Forces Killed 100 Palestinians Seeking Food Aid

On March 1, Broadview, a Canadian magazine focused on national and international issues of spirituality, justice and ethical living, as well as matters relevant to the United Church of Canada, published an article by M. L. Witkowicz which falsely claimed that Israeli soldiers fired at and killed 100 Palestinians as they waited for food aid in the Gaza Strip

The report entitled: “United Church of Canada’s humanitarian aid collaborations struggle to get resources to Palestinians,” erroneously reported the following:

On Feb. 29, Israeli solders fired at crowds waiting for food assistance, killing more than 100 Palestinians. Israel said its forces shot at the crowd for storming aid trucks. According to a post on X, Amnesty International is investigating the attack as part of the violations against Palestinian civilians.”

Untold in this report, Israel claims that the overwhelming majority of the Palestinian casualties occurred due to a stampede in the crowd’s pursuit of humanitarian aid, and as Israel contends, that the aid trucks tragically ran over these Palestinians. Israel strenuously denies allegations made by the Hamas terror group that its forces shot and killed more than 100 Palestinians.

In light of these competing narratives and the lack of evidence which substantiates Hamas’ claims, HonestReporting Canada brought our concerns to Broadview Magazine’s attention asking that the news outlet works to set the record straight and correct this report by acknowledging Israel’s version of events.

We are pleased to note that subsequent to our complaint, Broadview corrected its report which now states the following:

“On Feb. 29, Israeli soldiers fired at crowds waiting for aid, according to Gaza health officials. The Israeli military said its forces shot people who posed a threat to the army as crowds stormed aid trucks. They said the stampede caused most of the estimated 100 deaths, but local health officials said the wounded and dead in the hospital were hit by heavy-calibre bullets.

As well, appended to this report, broadview published the following editor’s note:

UPDATE: On Mar. 1, Broadview reported that the Israeli military shot at crowds awaiting aid, killing over 100 people and that Amnesty International were reviewing the deaths. On Mar. 3, reports from the Israeli military shared that shots were fired to subdue a crowd that posed a threat to the army and caused a stampede. This story has been updated to include Israel’s and health officials’ preliminary reviews of the deaths and injuries. 

We thank Broadview Magazine for its cooperation and for taking corrective action.


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