Spectator Letter: Israel Should Be Lauded for Free Medical Aid

June 18, 2014

Hamilton Spectator letter writer David L. Streiner today notes the irony of Israel’s detractors viewing Israel’s medical aid to civilians of enemy regimes with a jaundiced eye, rather than lauding the humanitarian act. Read the letter below or online here.

Israel should be lauded for free medical aid

Leave it to Ken Stone, the supporter of regimes most of the free world looks on with abhorrence (Iran and Syria), to castigate Israel for offering free medical aid to victims of Syrian violence. To most people, helping those in need would be seen as a humanitarian act, most especially since Syria is a sworn enemy of Israel and refuses to sign a peace treaty with it. Notwithstanding that, Israel continues to provide free medical care to Syrians, as it does for those coming from Gaza, another sworn enemy. It says more about Stone than about Israel that he sees this as a criminal activity.

David L. Streiner, Hamilton


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