Selective Outrage: World’s Care For Palestinians Isolated Only When Israel Can Be Blamed, HRC Subscriber Published In The Hill Times

On March 13, HRC subscriber, Larry Shapiro, was published in The Hill Times, responding to an opinion piece by Washim Ahmed who argued that Canada must continue funding UNRWA.

In his rebuttal, Mr. Shapiro showcased the selective outrage when it comes to humanitarian emergencies, where the world turns a blind eye to the deplorable conditions of Uyghurs in China, to terrorism carried out by Boko Haram in Africa, or even about the plight of Palestinians living in squalor in Lebanon and Syria. Care is only shown for Palestinians when Israel can be blamed. 

Selective Outrage For Humanitarian Emergencies

Here is a sad truth: the same people who agonize over the humanitarian situation in Gaza don’t spend a second worrying about the conditions of Palestinians in Lebanon and Syria, where hundreds of people have been killed and no opportunities for a good life exist. 

Not a word is spoken about the condition of the Uyghurs in China, who have been sent to concentration camps to erase their Islamic culture. Not a word about Boko Haram in Africa, chopping down Christians, and burning their homes and churches. 

The only Palestinians of interest are those who either live side by side with the Jews, or are in conflict with Jews. That’s when Palestinian rights become the world’s biggest problem and the most-examined issue.

Larry Shapiro
Calgary, Alberta


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