Sderot in the Spotlight

February 25, 2008

Qassam In the National Post Father Raymond J. De Souza looks at the "Siege of Sderot" noting that three to five Qassam rockets land in Sderot on a daily basis. Since the 2nd Intifada according to De Souza, 5,726 rockets have fallen killing 12 Israelis.

Peter Goodspeed also in the Post made this interesting observation about media reports regarding Qassam rockets: "News accounts usually describe the homemade Qassam rockets as "crude" and "inaccurate," but they carry warheads filled with shrapnel and have killed 13 people. " He also notes an alarming statistic from the Israeli Centre for Victims of Terror and War which recently found that "28% of adults and 30% of children in Sderot have symptoms of post-traumatic stress."

Oakland Ross of the Toronto Star also covered the rocket roulette that the citizens of Sderot endure noting that "seven years of rocket attacks from Gaza has left an Israeli border town fearful, frustrated.?

Toronto’s Jewish community today will hold a rally for Sderot at the Sheraton Centre (123 Queen St. West) featuring Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi and civil liberties lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Similar rallies are being held in Los Angeles, Miami and New York.


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