Saltwire Newspaper Cartoon Falsely Portrays Israel Running Over International Court Of Justice, HRC Responds

On January 26, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague rejected South Africa’s demand that the world court force Israel into a ceasefire with Hamas. Notwithstanding this rebuke, many commentators have falsely portrayed the ICJ interim judgment as a loss for Israel.

Bruce MacKinnon’s editorial cartoon, published in the Saltwire newspaper chain, did exactly that. On February 20, HRC’s Assistant Director, Robert Walker, took MacKinnon to task in the PEI Guardian. 

Unprecedented Precautions

Bruce MacKinnon’s recent cartoon, which depicts an Israeli tank steamrolling over the International Court of Justice (ICJ), is a total inversion of real- ity. On Friday, Jan. 26, in a rebuke to South Africa, which demanded the high court issue a command ordering Israel to immediately halt its counter-ter- rorism operations against Hamas, the Gaza-based Islamic terrorist group, the ICJ did no such thing, instead permitting Israel to continue.

Instead of ordering a ceasefire as South Africa demanded, the court reminded Israel to take pains to ensure civilian lives are protected, which Israel is taking significant steps to do, including actively providing warning before striking Hamas targets, a precaution that is virtually unprecedented in mod- ern warfare. The Allies in the Second World War did not warn the Nazis before bombing German military targets, but Israel, facing a fanatical jihad- ist enemy sworn to Israel’s destruction, still takes these steps. In contrast to MacKinnon’s editorial cartoon, Colonel Richard Kemp, the former com- mander of British forces in Afghanistan, has hailed the Israeli armed forces as the most moral military in the world.

Robert Walker,
Assistant Director,
Honest Reporting Canada


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