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Reporting on the Bad News

by Mike Fegelman

Fridaghitis Writing for the Miami Herald, Frida Ghitis (pictured) says that European news coverage of Israel is "often little more than a parody of honest journalism."

Ghitis discusses recent contraversies surrounding the suppresion of the Balen Report, France 2’s Al Dura Footage, and errors and distortions in CNN’s "God’s Warriors".

Choice quotes include:

"Journalists here insist they do the best they can to explain a complicated situation. But often you see the bias without having to look very far. A few weeks ago, Israeli forces uncovered a plot to send a suicide bomber to kill civilians in Tel Aviv during the Yom Kippur holiday. On satellite television I saw all about the incursions into Palestinian territory. Lost in the images of mayhem and devastation was the fact that a real plot to murder Israelis was, in fact, stopped. The suicide belt was found in an apartment only a few miles from my hotel."

"Many times Israel does deserve a harsh spotlight. The country and its leaders make grave mistakes for which they should be held accountable. But, like anyone else, anywhere else, they deserve the full story be told before the guilty party is declared. Without that, how are passionate European activists supposed to know which side they should boycott?"



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