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Reporters Without Borders Issues Annual Press Freedom Survey

by Mike Fegelman

ReportersReporters Without Borders just issued its Annual Press Freedom Survey. The survey investigates "98 countries and includes the main violations of journalists? rights in 2006 and regional aspects of media and Internet freedom." See the full report here.


Here are some of their findings:

Egypt: "President Mubarak’s long-awaited 2006 press law reform turned out to be just a show.  The media were quickly disillusioned by the many restrictions on their activities… 7 journalists were arrested and dozens were threatened or physically attacked."

Iran: "Dozens of journalists were arrested in 2006 for criticizing the authorities and some were imprisoned in secret in difficult conditions without access to a lawyer." and "One journalist was murdered in disturbing circumstances."

Iraq: "More than 60 media workers were killed and a score of others kidnapped in 2006."

Israel: "The country’s journalists enjoy a freedom not found elsewhere in the region."

Choice quote: "Media workers in the Middle East were once again the victims of the region’s chronic instability… kidnappings were more frequent in the Palestinian Territories. Despite repeated promises, the region’s governments have not introduced significantly greater democracy."

See information on previous RWB reports here.



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