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Reporters Whitewash "Prisoners' Document"

by Mike Fegelman

Did Canadian reporters actually read the the 18-point "Prisoners’ Document" that Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas endorsed and submitted as an ultimatum to Hamas? 

Globecover2 Take, for example, the description of the plan by Globe and Mail freelancer Carolynne Wheeler:

"The plan calls for all factions to accept a two-state solution — the future Palestine would include the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, captured by Israel in 1967 — and to authorize the Palestinian Liberation Organization as the official negotiating body… The proposal does not specifically renounce violence, instead affirming Palestinians’ ‘right to resistance’ concentrated in the occupied territories.?

In fact, the plan (using the code-word "resistance" to describe violence), calls for

"3. The Palestinian people’s right to resistance and upholding the choice of resistance by all means, and concentrating the resistance in territories occupied in 1967, alongside political action and negotiations and diplomatic work, and continuing popular resistance against the occupation in all its forms, places and policies, and giving importance to expanding the participation of all sectors, fronts, groups and public in this popular resistance….

10. Working to form a united resistance front called the "Palestinian resistance front" to lead and carry out the resistance against occupation and to unify and coordinate the resistance action and form a unified political reference for it."

Canadian reporters seem not to have noticed that this document, advocated by the allegedly moderate Abbas, directly violates the terms of the Road Map, which requires that Palestinians reject violence.

Nor do reporters seem to have noticed that not only does the document not renounce violence, it actually advocates it.

And while the document does mention "concentrating the resistance in territories occupied in 1967," the very same sentence concludes with a call to "continuing popular resistance against the occupation in all its forms, places and policies."

See this analysis of the Prisoners’ Plan by By Ben Fishman and Mohammad Yaghi at the Washington Institute.



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