Reporters' Loyalties Revealed?

August 24, 2006

FoxnewsFormer BBC presenter Anita McNaught, the wife of kidnapped Fox News cameraman Olaf Wiig, tells her husband’s Palestinian kidnappers that he’s on their side:

"Olaf and Steve have always worked for the interest of the Palestinian people, they came here to support you by telling your story," she said.

Meanwhile, the Toronto Star reports that mainstream media have been unusually silent about this particular kidnapping:

"Bloggers and media analysts have pointed out that when foreign journalists are kidnapped in places like Iraq, there is near-blanket media comment. But in this instance coverage had been scarce.

‘The most common suspicion among my readers is that bias against Fox News Channel is coming into play,’ wrote Michelle Malkin, a freelance journalist who maintains a media-monitoring blog at

But journalists in the Middle East have reacted against that line, saying that if there is any lack of coverage, it has been due more to correspondents being busy with the Lebanon war."


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