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Regret the Error

by Mike Fegelman

According to the Montreal Gazette?s Liz Ferguson:

"People around the word are appalled when an Israeli raid in Qana, Lebanon, kills at least 60 people, including 37 children."

This claim, which was originally based on an early report by Human Rights Watch, was later revised on August 2nd to indicate that only 28 people were known to have died, while 13 people were missing. The revised report by Human Rights Watch stated that:

"A preliminary Human Rights Watch investigation into the July 30 Israeli air strike in Qana found that 28 people are confirmed dead thus far, among them 16 children, Human Rights Watch said today."

HonestReporting Canada contacted the Gazette and awaits a clarification.

We will keep you updated. Stay posted.

Update: The Gazette ran a correction the following day, see it here:



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