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Radio-Canada Retracts Statement Indicating Shalit Was Abducted in Gaza

by Mike Fegelman

Radio-Canada Retracts Statement Indicating Shalit Was Abducted in Gaza

Yesterday, RadioCanada.ca ran an article on Gilad Shalit’s release from 5 years of captivity by his Hamas captors. In the article, Radio-Canada mistakenly declared that Gilad Shalit was captured in Gaza in 2006. The paragraph in question read as follows:

"Gilad Shalit, now 25, was captured by a group of three armed Palestinian groups, including al-Qassam Brigades Ezzedine, in an attack against his tank in the Gaza Strip in 2006 . Two other soldiers were killed in the attack." (HRC English translation and screen grab below)

Shalit was in fact captured in Israel while manning an army post. On June 25, 2006 Palestinian terrorists from Gaza entered into Israel by crossing through an underground tunnel near the Keren Shalom border crossing. They then infiltrated an Israeli army post on the Israeli side of the border. This report had falsely implied that Israeli forces were operating in Gaza at the time, whereas since 2005’s disengagement of Israel’s soldiers and settlers from Gaza, no Israelis were in the Strip.

We brought this information to the attention of senior editors at Radio-Canada who immediately corrected their error to reflect the fact that Shalit was abducted in Israel and not on Gazan territory and that the attack targeted an Israeli army post, not a tank. Pierre Champoux, Directeur de l’Information at Radio-Canada thanked HonestReporting Canada for bringing our concerns to his attention stating that "This passage of our text was indeed incorrect and we corrected it immediately following your email."
We thank Radio-Canada for its prompt action in retracting this important error.

Radio-Canada Se R?tracte Suite a Sa D?claration Selon Laquelle Shalit Ait ?t? Captur? ? Gaza

Hier, RadioCanada.ca a publi? un article sur la lib?ration de Gilad Shalit, apr?s 5 ans de captivit? a Gaza par le Hamas. Le paragraphe en question se lit comme suit :

De fait, Shalit fut captur? en Isra?l lors de l’attaque d’un poste militaire : le 25 juin 2006 des terroristes palestiniens, venus de Gaza, entr?rent en Israel via un tunnel creus? pr?s de la fronti?re  de Keren Hashalom en Isra?l. En suite, ils ont infiltr? un poste militaire du c?t? isra?lien. Ce rapport laissait entendre que les forces isra?liennes op?raient dans la bande de Gaza ? l’?poque alors que depuis 2005, aucun isra?lien ne se trouvait  dans la bande de Gaza.

Nous avons rapport? cette information ? l’attention des directeurs en chefs de l’information  qui ont louablement et rapidement corrig? cette erreur pour refl?ter le fait que Shalit avait ?t? enlev? en Isra?l et non sur le territoire de Gaza et que l’attaque visait un poste de l’arm?e isra?lienne, et pas un char. Monsieur Pierre Champoux, Directeur de l’Information, ISN ? Radio-Canada a remerci? Honest Reporting Canada et a signal? que: « Ce passage de notre texte ?tait en effet inexact et nous l’avons corrig? dans les instants suivant la r?ception de votre courriel. »

Nous tenons ? remercier  Radio-Canada pour leur c?l?rit? a corriger cette erreur importante.



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