Radio-Canada Equates Israel with Iran and Sudan (November 8, 2010)

November 8, 2010


 Radio-Canada Equates Israel with Iran and Sudan


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In the days and weeks following Canada’s loss of a seat at the United Nations Security Council, Canadian journalists took to the airwaves, newspapers and websites to speculate on the possible reasons for Canada’s UN defeat. While multiple explanations were offered, many media outlets pointed the finger directly at Canada’s “pro-Israel stance” as the primary cause of the defeat. It was the rare media outlet which offered dysfunction and lack of principle at the UN as a possible explanation.  

Operating under the assumption that Canada’s foreign policy was to blame for Canada’s loss at the UN, television news anchor Simon Durivage of French language news channel Radio-Canada took the issue one step further on his political talk show Le match des élus”. While interviewing Canadian Conservative politician Stephen Blaney, Durivage asked the following astounding question to Blaney: 

 “Israel, which is a controversial country and is often even blamed by the United Nations, is it not a bit dangerous to align ourselves to this point to a country whose policies are controversial and even condemned by the UN? I would ask the same question if Canada decided to represent Iran or Sudan somewhere in the world.”

– Simon Durivage, RDI, Le Match des élus, 15/10/2010


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Israel like Iran and Sudan?

While asking his interviewee about the “dangers” of Canada’s alignment with “controversial” Israel, Durivage draws an obscene equivalence between Israel, Iran and Sudan. “I would ask the same question if Canada decided to represent Iran or Sudan somewhere in the world” Durivage reassures his audience.

With Iran as the most active state sponsor of terror and Sudan involved in an ongoing genocide in Darfur, let’s put Durivage’s equivalence to the test by comparing the three countries in the chart below:





Terrorism State sponsor of international terrorism State sponsor of international terrorism Victim of terrorism
Genocide Ongoing incitement to genocide against Israel Genocide in Darfur killed 400,000 people and displaced over 2,500,000

Victim of attempted genocide

Victim of incitement to genocide


Weapons of Mass Destruction Nuclear program serious threat to world peace Developing chemical weapons Presumed nuclear capabilities defensive in nature
Human Rights

Extra-judicial killings

Torture and mistreatment

Deaths in custody



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