Rabid Anti-Israel Columnist Erica Ifill Endorses Hateful Rejection Of Israel’s Right To Exist

Erica Ifill, who unironically describes herself as an “anti-oppression journalist,” is known for her anti-Israel stance. On May 29, she wrote a column for The Hill Times entitled: “Rafah massacre lays bare domestic media shortcomings” and in it, she accused Israel of deliberately bombing civilians in Rafah, and in perhaps her most dramatic departure from reality, accused the established news media of having a pro-Israel bias.

Regarding Rafah, a region in southern Gaza, she wrote, “on May 26, Israel conducted an airstrike on a Palestinian displacement camp in Rafah. Israel had designated part of this area as a safe zone. The strike killed 45 people and wounded at least 249 others. This was a carnage that hits one to their moral core… Question: why would the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) direct displaced Palestinians to an area they eventually bombed?”

Because they didn’t.

On May 26, Israel targeted Hamas commanders responsible for murderous attacks against Israelis: Yassin Rabia and Khaled Najjar, who were both killed in the strike. Israel was taken aback when their attack, it’s believed, triggered a blaze in the humanitarian area hundreds of feet away. While the IDF is continuing its investigations, much of the world, Ifill included, immediately blamed Israel, with Ifill accusing Israel of deliberately attacking the civilians it had asked to move out of harm’s way.

The preliminary Israeli investigation clearly states that their missile’s munitions could not have caused a fire of that size. Initial investigation results indicate that it is likely that Hamas had stored ammunition in a displaced persons’ camp, and this was ignited, causing the catastrophe from secondary explosions.

One need not believe Israel, as surely Ifill wouldn’t. Instead, she could refer to satellite and video evidence showing that it was a weapons depot on the ground, likely belonging to Hamas, which was responsible for the blaze. Of course, Ifill chooses to ignore that evidence, opting instead to eagerly swallow Hamas propaganda and pass it off as truth.

In her diatribe against the mainstream media, Ifill wrote that “what is clear is that Canadian media have manufactured consent for a genocide with minimal fact-checking, copy editing, or scrutinizing.” In light of her knee-jerk accusation of Israel over Rafah, this accusation hits her on the rebound.

Her accusation of genocide paints Israel as a wanton aggressor. Relying on Hamas’s Gaza Health Ministry’s casualty reporting and denying her readers the context for the war, combine to give this blood libel supposed credibility.

However, Hamas’s casualty figures are far from credible. They do not differentiate between Hamas terrorists and civilians, even the UN has stopped relying on them, recently reducing their figures significantly without explanation, and they increase with a regularity that belies a war zone.

And this is the context that Ifill ignored: thousands of Hamas terrorists burst into Israeli communities along the Gaza/Israel boundary on October 7. They committed Islamic State-style brutalities, weaponizing sexual assault, and murdering 1,200 innocents. They took 253 captives and 125 are still held, including Kfir Bibas, an infant kidnapped that day, who turned one in captivity. Hamas intends to repeat this. Additionally, Hamas’s charter transparently states its objective to exterminate Israel. Hamas is the genocidal one.

Unsurprisingly, Israel refuses to allow this. It fights back against an enemy who hides behind its civilians; in homes, hospitals, schools, and UN buildings.

Sharing these facts with her readership would provide a balanced view. But Ifill isn’t even aiming for that.

Instead, she attempted to delegitimize the Jewish People’s very right to self-determination in their ancestral homeland, writing that “the nearly 76 years of Israeli occupation is rarely mentioned, and defining Israel as an apartheid state—despite human rights organizations defining the current regime as such—is never mentioned.”

Again, Ifill is guilty of “minimal fact-checking”. Israel’s existence is not an “occupation”. In 1947 the UN offered the Arabs and Jews a two-state solution. The Arabs rejected it and the Jews accepted it. When the Jews established this state in 1948, the Arabs declared war on it, with Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria joining in. Then Arab leaders called upon Arabs living in Israel to leave, and hundreds of thousands did so, despite Israel asking them to stay and help build the state with full citizenship rights. By claiming Israel is guilty of a 76 year occupation, Ifill is endorsing the hateful view that Israel has no right to exist.

As if on cue, Ifill relied on “human rights organizations” such as Amnesty International, to support her argument. Amnesty’s US director said in 2022 that “Israel shouldn’t exist as a Jewish State”. Post-October 7, Amnesty equated the Israeli hostages with Palestinians who have committed terrorist offenses against Israel and are therefore in jail. Not a trustworthy source by any means.

The Hill Times have provided the willing forum and Erica Ifill has done it again. She has written another rabidly anti-Israel piece, thin on facts and spewing unfounded accusations against all who disagree with her. For biased, one-sided reporting, she’s the columnist to read.

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