Questionable Sources in the Toronto Star

January 30, 2008

NGO Monitor’s Gerald Steinberg responds in the Star to an Oakland Ross report which quoted a questionable source from Human Rights Watch.

According to the letter to the editor printed in the Star yesterday:

?This article quotes Joe Stork of Human Rights Watch regarding his opinion on international law and the question of responsibility for the conditions in Gaza. Stork has no background in international law, but he does have a long history of radical political activism, and like others in the NGO world, he uses the rhetoric of human rights selectively for political purposes. Tragically, Hamas’s continued use of Gaza’s densely populated neighbourhoods for attacking Israeli cities has led to this complex situation. The alternative to non-violent pressure is a full-scale military operation in Gaza and renewed occupation to insure that the missile attacks on Sderot do not resume. In this scenario, many more people who are not directly involved in terror and warfare will suffer."


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