Quebec Newspaper Calls for Boycott of Israel (December 1, 2010)

December 1, 2010



 Quebec Newspaper Calls for Boycott of Israel


Dear HonestReporting Canada Subscriber,

While different professional codes of ethics exist in the field of journalism, most of them share some basic common elements including accuracy, objectivity and fairness. Most mainstream media outlets attempt to adhere, or at the very least show a semblance of adherence, to these fundamental journalistic principles, but it appears that the Quebec-based French Canadian newspaper Hebdo Journal might be an exception to this rule.

In a front page article entitled “Voyage choc en Palestine” (“Shocking trip to Palestine“) penned by Hebdo journalist Marie-Ève Alarie, Ms. Alarie manages to violate practically every fundamental journalistic principle in the book by promoting a long list of malicious lies about Israel and by calling for the boycott of the Jewish State in the very pages of this newspaper.

The article chronicles the recent “Mission to Palestine” of Trois-Rivières teachers Alain Dumas and Daniel Landry. The trip, organized by the rabidly anti-Israel groups Solidarity Committee of Trois-Rivières and Alternatives, is an annual pilgrimage to “Palestine” which promotes anti-Israel propaganda to unsuspecting participants in the hopes of generating hatred towards Israel and of converting participants towards activism against the Jewish State. Judging from the few choice quotes below which can be found on participant Daniel Landry’s blog, the trip appears to have been quite successful in achieving its insidious objectives:

(French to English translation)
“I consider that this State (Israel) is currently governed by executioners or by terrorists. There is no reason to support this government, especially for Jews around the world who should be ashamed of the terror which reigns in Israel.”

“The State of Israel is built on a racist ideology that prioritizes individuals according to their ethnicity.”

“They (“Israeli settlers”) deport Palestinians and impose terror and a sub-human state to an entire population.”

“… It is fundamental to find ways to punish Israel economically and politically. In the nineteenth century, slavery was abolished in the United States. In the twentieth century, the apartheid regime of South Africa has also been abolished. The twenty-first century may well abolish another apartheid.”
– Professor Daniel Landry

Ms. Alarie blindly and unquestioningly allows such “objective” observers of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to promote their hateful anti-Israel rhetoric in the pages of the Hebdo Journal newspaper. With no apparent concern for fairness, accuracy or truth, she provides the activists with an open forum to spew their anti-Israeli venom.

Top Ten Anti-Israel Lies

After reading the Shocking trip to Palestine” article, most Hebdo Journal readers will be left with the horrifying impression that the State of Israel is a brutal and unmerciful apartheid regime which indiscriminately attacks and oppresses Palestinians, deprives Palestinians of an education, rears its youth for physical violence, illegally and violently settles Palestinian territories, violates the human rights of its Arab citizens, disrespects Palestinian refugees, etc.

Here are the top ten anti-Israel lies promoted in this appalling Hebdo Journal article:

Israel is a Brutal Regime

Imagine their daily lives (Palestinians)”, explains Daniel Landry. He lists: the apartheid wall, the military checkpoints, the oppression by the Israeli army, the expropriations.”
– Professor Daniel Landry

Israeli security measures in effect to counter Palestinian terrorism, not to “brutalize Palestinians
Israel is an Apartheid State

“It’s a real apartheid regime. The Palestinians are walled and the wall sometimes separates families.”
– Professor Alain Dumas

Israel is a democratic state which provides full rights to all its citizens
Israel Attacks Palestinians Indiscriminately

They (Palestinians) are attacked and bombed by the Israelis. Even in a street in Hebron, a fence has been erected over the street. The Israelis threw boiling water or large rocks on top of their building on the Palestinians. There have been deaths”
Professor Alain Dumas

Israeli army the most moral in the world
Israel Depriving Palestinians of an Education

The Forum moved from Ramallah, West Bank, to the Gaza Strip and to Lebanon. If it was held in Palestine, it’s also as a reminder that thousands of young Palestinians are deprived of a quality education given the difficult situation they endure.”
– Journalist
Marie-Ève Alarie

Palestinian government responsible for Palestinian education in the territories
Israeli Youth Reared for Physical Violence

“The army is very important there (Israel). Young people, once out of high school, must do their military service: three years for boys and two girls. It was often these 18 to 20 year-old youngsters we came across at checkpoints. It was like seeing my students with a machine gun”
– Professor Daniel Landry

Israel seeks peace but is forced to prepare for war because of its genocidal neighbours
Israel Illegally and Violently Settling Palestinian Territories

“BDS for “boycott, divestment and sanctions”. The movement calls for an end to the occupation and the illegal and violent settlement of Palestinian territories by Israel”
– Journalist Marie-Ève Alarie

The territories are disputed
Israel has no Respect for the Right of Return of Palestinian Refugees

BDS for “boycott, divestment and sanctions”. The movement calls for…respect for the right of return of Palestinian refugees”
– Journalist
Marie-Ève Alarie

The Palestinian “right of return” is a ploy to destroy Israel through demographic means

Palestinian refugees” were created as a result of a genocidal war against Israel

Israel Violates Human Rights of Arab Citizens

“BDS for “boycott, divestment and sanctions”. The movement calls for…equal rights for Palestinian citizens of Israel (20% of the population).”
– Journalist
Marie-Ève Alarie

Israeli Arabs enjoy same rights as all Israeli citizens
Israel Shrinking “Palestine”

“It’s more dramatic than what we see in books or movies”, says Alain Dumas, professor of economics at the Cégep de Trois-Rivières. Palestine shrinks as the years go by.”
– Journalist Marie-Ève Alarie

Israel came into possession of various territories in wars of self-defence
Israel Oppressing Palestinians

“The (Israeli) oppression is being felt in several places, especially when we go out of Ramallah, the capital.”
– Professor Dani


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