Program Alert: CBC Doc Likens Israeli Barrier to Berlin Wall (November 19, 2009)

By Mike Fegelman

November 19, 2009


Program Alert: CBC Doc Likens Israeli Barrier to Berlin Wall
November 19, 2009
Dear HonestReporting Canada Subscriber,


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s documentary program, Doc Zone, will broadcast the film “Up Against the Wall” tonight. A film which was produced in association with the CBC and which appears to draw a false analogy in equating Israel’s defensive security barrier (built to keep Palestinian terrorists “out” of the Jewish state), with the Berlin Wall (built by the East German authoritarian regime to perpetuate the division of the city by keeping the East Berlin population hemmed “in” the Communist state).

According to the CBC’s website:

Twenty years ago, the world watched, spellbound, as the Berlin Wall came down. In the hopeful euphoria that followed, it seemed as if walls would be a thing of the past. Coinciding with the arrival of economic globalization, it looked like people and goods would finally be able to move freely across borders worldwide…

Up Against the Wall, produced by Gail McIntyre, and written and directed by documentary filmmaker Eileen Thalenberg, looks at this growing phenomenon of new wall-building, focusing on three hot spots around the world, where extremely controversial walls have gone up. Thalenberg travels along the huge expanse (and expense!) of the ‘Tortilla Wall’ that the United States is constructing along its border with Mexico. She also explores both sides of the elaborate wall and fence system Israel has built between itself and the West Bank.”

HonestReporting Canada alerted you last week to a series of CBC reports recently which have drawn this false and misleading parallel. As we pointed out in our alert: “Any comparison with the (Israeli security barrier and) the Berlin Wall is false and malicious. Unlike that wall, it does not seek to divide one people and curtail freedoms. Rather it aims to separate two peoples who are in conflict, to prevent suicide bombers from targeting innocent civilians, and to create a terror-free environment in which the two sides can finally move towards a peaceful settlement.”

To view a 30-second trailer of the documentary please click here or on the image below.

How You Can Make A Difference:

  1. Tune in to CBC TV tonight (Thursday November 19) at 8:00 PM ET. CBC News Network will be re-broadcasting the program tomorrow (Friday November 20) at 10 pm ET/PT.
  2. Monitor the program for fairness and accuracy. Here are 7 key violations of media objectivity to look out for:
    • Misleading definitions and terminology
    • Imbalanced reporting
    • Opinions disguised as news
    • Lack of context
    • Selective omission
    • Using true facts to draw false conclusions
    • Distortion of facts
  3. After viewing the film share your opinion with CBC by sending POLITE letters to CBC Audience Relations through their online feedback forum by clicking here or by going to the following link: To tell the CBC what you think of this documentary by phone please call toll-free at 1-866-306-4636.

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