Pro-Israel Stance Blamed for Canada?s UN Security Council Loss

October 13, 2010

While some danced around the issue, many Canadian media outlets attributed Canada’s loss of a seat at the United Nations Security Council yesterday to the Harper government’s “pro-Israel stance in the Mideast conflict. As columnist Lorrie Goldstein succinctly put it: “You can’t support Israel and condemn Hamas with this crowd (UN) and expect to come up smelling like roses.” With blaring headlines like “Canada takes major hit on world stage” and “Pro-Israel stance cost Canada at UN”, the blame game has begun and Canadian Israel supporters can expect to be on the receiving end of it for some time to come.   

Read today’s letter of the day by letter-writer Michael Baigel who argues that Canada should be praised, not condemned, for its principled stand on Israel and the Mideast: “We lost the seat but kept our pride”


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