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Pounding Israel's Image Into the Pavement

by Mike Fegelman

Walkwithisrael Reporting for the Toronto Sun today, Jack Boland covered the UJA’s Walk With Israel event with a very skewed lens.  Read the full article here.

Instead of focusing on the success of the event itself, which according to the National Post’s Tyler Anderson "raised $300,000 to help fund a new daycare in northern Israel and provide educational programs for Ethiopian women in Jerusalem," instead, Mr. Boland found it necessary to publicize the very jaded views of a handful of pro-Palestinian activists, who amassed only .003 % of the over 10,000 people who attended the walk in Toronto.

The event was in support of the state of Israel and encouraged Jews and non-Jews to come to her aid in the wake of unrelenting Qassam attacks that have devastated the Israeli city of Sderot.

The article has done a tremendous disservice to this important event by inserting this gratuitous attack that only slanders the state of Israel, in an attempt to sensationalize news coverage.

By representing a minority opinion as majority and in giving prominence to fringe elements of society, this article pounded the state of Israel?s hard-fought image into the pavement.

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