PostMedia’s Calgary Papers Issue Correction After Falsely Claiming Israel Has Been Occupying Gaza For Decades

October 17, 2023

On October 16, PostMedia published an article in The Calgary Sun and The Calgary Herald entitled “Pro-Palestine protesters converge in downtown Calgary”, in which both papers incorrectly stated the following:

“Those attacks led to a swift retaliation from Israel, whose government vowed a “complete siege” on Gaza – a Palestinian enclave that has been under Israeli occupation for decades.”

Contrary to this statement, the Gaza Strip is not under an Israeli “occupation”. In 2005, Israel carried out a unilateral disengagement plan and removed its 21 settlements, 8,500 settlers and combined armed forces in the region. Instead, Israel (and Egypt) maintain a blockade of Gaza for security purposes only and even that blockade did not prevent 2,000 Hamas terrorists from massacring 1,400 innocent Israelis.

HonestReporting Canada filed a complaint with PostMedia calling for corrective action and we are pleased to note that a correction was published on October 17 which states the following:

We thank PostMedia for taking prompt corrective action. 


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