What The Media Didn’t Tell You About The Recent Anti-Israel Riots On The Temple Mount: A Fireside Chat With Dr. Reuven Berko, Former Advisor On Arab Affairs To The Chief Of Jerusalem Police.

In early April, only days before the onset of the Passover and Easter holidays, Palestinian rioting broke out in and around the Al Aqsa Mosque, on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

The riots also coincided during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, when the holy city can become a tense flashpoint and sometimes even erupt in open rioting.

And while news outlets across Canada and the world covered the violence, they often missed the back story of Palestinian incitement and the role that Palestinian religious leaders have played, as well as the history of the Temple Mount itself.

In this week’s podcast, we sit down with Dr. Reuven Berko, Co-Founder & CEO of the Berko Group, a Tel Aviv-based security consultancy.  Dr Berko served for 10 years as an Advisor on Arab Affairs to the Chief of Jerusalem Police, and today is a commentator in Israeli media, largely in Arabic.

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