What Is The Palestinian Media Really Saying About Israel? A Fireside Chat With Elliot Zweig, Deputy Director Of MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute)

The ongoing issue of Palestinian incitement against Israel and Jews, in general, has long been an obstacle to peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

In territories under the Palestinian Authority (PA), to say nothing of Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip, Israel is frequently and widely demonized and delegitimized as a Jewish state, and general and overt antisemitism is used as a means to attack Israel.

This messaging, often coming from official Palestinian Authority outlets, is significantly at odds with the public persona put forward by PA President Mahmoud Abbas to global audiences, which is pro-peace.

And if you’ve ever seen an Arabic-language video of a Palestinian representative being candid and less than diplomatic in speaking about Israel or Jews, there’s a good chance it was from MEMRI.

MEMRI, or the Middle East Media Research Institute, is a nonprofit press monitoring and analysis organization that provides translation of media outlets from a number of languages, including Arabic.

MEMRI’s deputy director, Elliot Zweig, is our guest on this week’s podcast.

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