What Is Israel’s “High-Tech” Secret Sauce? A Fireside Chat With Tech CEO & Author Of “Live Like A Startup,” Yaniv Rivlin

Israel is widely known as the Start-up nation, producing a disproportionate number of high-tech companies, and a general ambiance of ingenuity. But what exactly is Israel’s secret sauce? What makes Israeli society do things differently? Many answers have been offered, including the country’s small and vulnerable area, its paucity of natural resources, its focus on education, and even its military draft. But do those answers do justice to the truth?

To help us unpack Israel’s secret, we are joined by Yaniv Rivlin. Yaniv is a high-tech entrepreneur who co-founded Bird, the company behind Tel Aviv’s ubiquitous electric scooters, which have helped change the face of the city.

Yaniv’s new book, Live Like a Startup, helps shed light on Israel’s culture of innovation, and he joins us this week as our guest.

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