What Do Canadian High School Students Know About Israel & The Jewish People? A Fireside Chat With Cindy Tobias & Jennifer Feldman, High School Teachers & Pro-Israel Educators

June 21, 2023

The end of June marks the start of summer, as well as the end of the academic year for high school students across Canada. Many of these high school graduates will then pursue further education in college or university, while others will enter the workforce.

Regardless of whether they will be heading to higher education or into the world, what will these graduates know about Israel and the Jewish People? Will they leave high school informed or ignorant, tolerant or intolerant – with social media usage – which sometimes features anti-Israel disinformation – nearly ubiquitous in this age bracket, are 14 to 17-year-olds more or less susceptible to antisemitism?

To help shine a light on current trends, and how education can best be used to set the record straight among high school students, we are joined this week by two high school educators, Cindy Tobias, and Jennifer Feldman, both active leaders in helping to bring Israel and Jewish education, both to students and to their peers in the teaching profession.

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