What Arab-Israeli Ties Look Like Behind The Headlines: A Fireside Chat With Ofir Gendelman, Former Israeli Spokesperson To The Arab Media & Founder & CEO Of Gendelman Strategic Consulting

Israel’s ties with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain are often pointed to as a model for what Israel-Arab relations can look like if they reach their full potential: extensive economic and cultural ties, and an open embrace of open relations.

But why is it that some Arab countries have accepted Israel’s existence, even enthusiastically adopting ties, while other states have refused? And what will it take for the Palestinian leadership to recognize the benefits of peace with Israel that other Arab leaders in the Middle East have already done?

Or, as some critics contend, is the Palestinian Authority too invested in conflict with Israel to ever acknowledge the economic growth potential that lies in a peace agreement with the Jewish State?

To help us navigate this complex web, we are joined by Ofir Gendelman. For 17 years, Ofir served as Israel’s spokesperson to the Arab media. He previously served in Israel’s Embassy to Canada in Ottawa as First Secretary and Consul, among other roles. Currently, he manages Gendelman Strategic Consulting, which assists Israeli and international companies expand their business in the UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco.

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