The Safety Net That Helped Israeli Soldiers When Everything Else Failed: A Fireside Chat with Ike Bodner, COO Of Soldiers Save Lives

May 8, 2024

Israeli society has often been called one big family, where in times of crisis, all segments of society come together to pull for the common good.

Since Hamas’ massacres of October 7 and the subsequent months, that common mission has been on full display, despite Israeli disagreements over politics, religion and more.

As the war began seven months ago, launched by Hamas on a Jewish holiday, Israel was in turmoil. Shock and anger soon gave way to a realization that the country was unprepared to take care of its front-line defenders, those soldiers fighting Hamas.

One organization was soon born, Soldiers Save Lives, which worked to help equip those on the front lines, even when seemingly other safety nets failed. In this episode of The Honest Report podcast, we sit down with Ike Bodner, the organization’s COO.

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