The Role Of Palestinian Rejectionism & Incitement In Preventing Peace: A Fireside Chat With Jonathan Spyer, Analyst, Author And Journalist

Palestinian incitement against Israel has been long established as the main obstacle to peace between Israelis and Palestinians. But this incitement – in Palestinian media, school textbooks and mosques, is only part of the equation. Palestinian incitement has also manifested in the continued rejectionism of the Palestinian leadership, which is sending an unmistakable message to the Palestinians, that Israel is an illegitimate state which should be opposed.

In light of decades of this Palestinian incitement and rejectionism, is there any light at the end of the tunnel? Or has the Palestinian leadership poisoned an entire generation to oppose Israel, all but rendering any future peace all but impossible?

To help provide much-needed context, we are joined this week by Jonathan Spyer. He is an analyst, author and journalist specializing in the region. He is the director of the Middle East Center for Reporting and Analysis (MECRA),  a Research Fellow at the Jerusalem Center for Strategy and Security and a Fellow at the Middle East Forum.

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