The Real Story of Israel’s Counter-Terrorism Efforts: A Fireside Chat with Steve Gar, Elite Counter-Terrorism Specialist

Unfortunately, Israel is no stranger to terrorist attacks. Whether suicide bombings, stabbings or car rammings, for many decades, Israelis have become accustomed to living in an environment of additional sensitivity to their surroundings.

These attacks, whether perpetrated by “lone wolf” attackers or from Islamist groups like Hamas or Islamic Jihad, have killed and injured scores of Israelis, with the additional aim of striking fear into the heart of Israel.

But Israel has found remarkable success in fighting back against Palestinian terrorism, in large part through intelligence, technology, and resourcefulness, even if that story doesn’t get told very much in the news media.

Our guest this week, Steve Gar, has been called Israel’s Jack Bauer (from the television show 24), and is a first responder to terrorist attacks.

Steve is an elite counter-terrorism operative and an internationally renowned speaker.

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