The Moral Imperative To Support Israel & The Jewish Community: A Fireside Chat With Kevin Vuong, Member Of Parliament For Spadina-Fort York

February 28, 2024

As the war rages in the Middle East between Hamas and Israel, following the simple narrative is easy.

And that narrative, that Israel is a murderous state hell-bent on genocide, may be a simpler message to understand, but it is an inversion of reality.

While some politicians take the easy path, others put facts before ideology.

In recent weeks, Kevin Vuong, an independent Member of Parliament for Spadina-Fort York, located in downtown Toronto, has become one of the country’s most vocal supporters, both of Israel, and of Canada’s Jewish community at large.

He joins us as our guest this week to discuss what prompted him to become such a stalwart ally, his message for other politicians, and what the feedback from his constituents has been like.

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