The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Of Media Coverage Of The Hamas-Israel War: A Fireside Chat with Rahim Mohamed, National Post Columnist

March 5, 2024

Over the last five months, Rahim Mohamed has become one of Canada’s most recognizable opinion columnists. The Calgary-based commentator, writing in The National Post, has also made a name for himself as a vocal advocate for Israel and a harsh critic of the moral turpitude that has allowed disinformation to fester.

While commentators are entitled to their own views, but not their own facts, that simple yet profound difference has been nevertheless been lost by so many reporters and columnists alike, regardless of the platform.

In this week’s podcast, Rahim joins us to discuss his perspective on the state of the news media when it comes to covering the Hamas-Israel war, how he would rate their coverage, and what his predictions for the news media in the near future look like. 

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