The Diversity of Israelis: Why Anti-Israel Activists Try to Hide This Fact From the World with Social Media Educator, Amy Albertson

October 6, 2022

One of the most widespread anti-Israel claims made is that the Jewish State is nothing more than a Western colonialist implant, forced onto the Palestinians.

This allegation is partially based on the misunderstanding that the majority of Israeli Jews are of white European descent.

And while many Israelis do have ancestry in Europe, Israel is in reality much more diverse – with the majority of Israelis now being of Middle Eastern descent, and showcasing the ethnic diversity of Israelis can be an important step in helping to dispel this falsehood.

Our guest this week takes that mission seriously. Amy Albertson is a Chinese Jewish advocate and educator who through online activism, public speaking, and workshops, both empowers young Jews to reclaim their identity and dispel anti-Israel misinformation.

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