Pay For Slay: Inside The Palestinian Authority’s Massive Fund Helping To Make Terrorism Profitable: A Fireside Chat With Sander Gerber, Fellow And Board Member At The Jerusalem Center For Public Affairs

While international commentators and journalists around the world rhetorically ask what it will take for peace to take place between Israel and the Palestinians, arguing that complex issues such as Jewish settlements are the main obstacle to peace, a much simpler factor is at play: the Palestinian Authority’s payments to Palestinian terrorists and their families.

This complex system, nicknamed “Pay for Slay,” is a program where the Palestinian Authority spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually – nearly one-twelfth of its entire budget –  in support payments to Palestinian terrorists and their families.

This regimen not only actively encourages Palestinians to take up violence against Israelis, but provides the financial support to assist them in doing so.

To help us delve deeper into this insidious program, we are joined by Sander Gerber. Sander Gerber is a fellow and board member at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

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