Our Lives As Israeli Soldiers: Changing The Narrative Around Israel – A Fireside Chat With Members Of A Delegation Of Reservists On Duty

It’s not unusual to read headlines that say “Israeli soldier shoots Palestinian,” but provides no context about what was actually taking place. Frequently, news media reports omit key details about dead or injured Palestinians, suggesting that they were civilians, when they may have been active combatants.

In short: Israeli soldiers are used to getting an unfair and inaccurate story told about them, but a group of Israeli reservists is working to change that.

Reservists on Duty is an organization of reservists in the Israeli armed forces who travel the world, showing the true face of Israel in the face of often hostile disinformation.

In this week’s episode of The Honest Report, we sit down with three members of a Reservists on Duty delegation who recently conducted a three-city tour in Canada, speaking to students and community members about the difference between how Israeli soldiers are portrayed, and the reality on the ground.

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