Lawfare: Who is Using the Law More Effectively? Pro-Israel or Anti-Israel Activists? A Fireside Chat with Aaron Rosenberg, Partner at RE-LAW LLP

When it comes to combatting anti-Israel and anti-Jewish discrimination, using the law has been an increasingly popular tool used by pro-Israel advocates. But behind the headlines, how has pro-Israel lawfare changed in recent years, and how have anti-Israel activists been using the same laws to push anti-Israel disinformation?

In this week’s podcast, we sit down with Aaron Rosenberg for his in-depth analysis.

Aaron is a partner at RE-LAW LLP, a Toronto law firm, where he specializes in employment and human rights law. Aaron has been actively involved in a number of cases in recent years and offers a very rare insight into both the strategies and tactics used on both sides.

Aaron is a civil rights advocate devoted to the defense of civil rights, the pursuit of social justice, and mobilizing communities toward positive change. His advocacy work has inspired changes to legislation and has improved conditions for vulnerable groups in the workplace. Aaron’s work has been featured in national media, including the CBC, the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and the National Post.

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