Jerusalem: Living Proof of The Jewish People’s 3,000 years of History in The Holy City – A Fireside Chat with Andrew Lawler, Author of Under Jerusalem: The Buried History of the World’s Most Contested City

Jerusalem is an ancient city, having been founded by King David three thousand years ago as the eternal capital of the Jewish people.

Over successive centuries and millennia, the city was invaded and occupied by a parade of foreign armies, ranging from the Babylonians to the Greeks, Romans to the Crusaders, Saracen Arabs to the Ottomans, and more.

Today, contemporary Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, the world’s only Jewish State, and peoples of all faiths and backgrounds can enjoy equal rights and freedoms in the holy city.

But in a city like Jerusalem, ancient history is never really that far away. In fact, it’s everywhere – in the walls, and even under the ground.

In this week’s podcast, we sit down with Andrew Lawler. Andrew is the author of Under Jerusalem: The Buried History of the World’s Most Contested City, and we chat with Andrew about the fascinating hidden history of the holy city. Even though anti-Israel disinformation claiming that Israel has no history in Jerusalem may be rife, the truth hasn’t changed.

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