Israel Votes – Again: What Concerns Are Top of Mind for Israelis? A Fireside Chat with Ruthie Blum, Columnist for The Jerusalem Post

October 26, 2022

On Tuesday, November 1, Israelis will be heading to the polls – again. In fact, it will be the fifth election in only three years. How did Israeli politics get to be this state, what does the future hold for Benjamin Netanyahu – called King Bibi for his longevity in Israeli politics – and what are the major issues at play?

In this week’s episode of The Honest Report, we sit down with Ruthie Blum. Ruthie is a Jerusalem-based columnist for the Jerusalem Post, among other publications, and she shares with us her perspectives on what this Israeli election is about, what Israelis are concerned about, and what she sees as being the likeliest outcome of the vote next week.

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